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DIY Scenery Gothic Windows

We already have a good range of DIY scenery in the shop but it is all very science fiction / Infinity biased. So I thought we would try some gothic stuff. These are the basic windows test The idea is

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Na-To recut complete

The Na-To, resized for 1/48 and with detailing added. The track system has been modifed to have idler wheels too. What a great model to put together… easy and fast to build and strong as heck. It had some tiny

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Posable Titan Project 2

Read part 1 here The scratch-built warhound titan project continues The second leg is under construction. I made some changes to the design of the foot for the second leg and as a result it has a far greater range

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Posable Titan Project 1

I’ve finally decided to have a crack at building a titan. There are some wonderful scratchbuilds out there that have some astonishing detail and embellishments and I will definitely be “drawing inspiration” from them. What is going to make mine

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New vehicle and shipping containers WIPS

Container Box Set test cut This is basically a set of 4 containers in sets of two, joined together. It will complement the stacked containers and the set of three single containers and provide a cheap and easy way to

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Art Deco buildings WIP

Our range of art deco corner ruins is being re-released. They are in the store here: These kits used to combine an MDF core with card detailing. The MDF core has now been replaced with two layers of card,

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Orc Fort WIPS

This is something we have been working on for some time and it is almost ready. It is a set of modular structures to form a a fort made from scrap materials. It is intended to sit in the middle

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Gunship beta

The gunship model is finished… it just needs a nice paint job. It should retail for $16 including the stand

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“Wasp” gunship first fit test

This is a model that I am really excited about. The test build went together incredibly easily meaning all we have to do is think about detailing. When you compare it to some other flyers it is a little big

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Strength test 2

After our initial strength test, someone in the Infinity Australia facebook page asked if the picnic table could stand TWO bricks The answer is, one brick good, two bricks bad (but it can handle the weight of two bricks with

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