Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you use cardboard instead of plastic? Surely plastic models are stronger/easier to assemble?
A: Plastic unfortunately melts when cut by a laser and develops a ridge of beading formed by the melt. This is time consuming to clean and destroys any straight lines. Card on the other hand cuts perfectly straight and since there is no melt, has a much higher resolution.

Q: Why card instead of MDF? Everyone else seems to use 3mm MDF
A: The problem with 3mm MDF is that it is 3mm thick and so detail can only be etched into it. Using 1mm card we can build up layers of detail that take drybrushing very well.

Q: Isn’t the card weak? I’m worried about the durability of the products… most papercraft stuff is fragile.
A: “Papercraft” products generally use card that is easy to cut with a knife and which is slightly thicker than normal printing paper. The card we use is 1mm heavy duty construction card which starts out extremely strong. Once it has been built up into layers and glued together, it is as strong as plastic and far stronger than resin. We recommend superglue to glue the pieces together and this soaks into the card making it even stronger.

Q: What’s with the shipping options? Why “units of 300g”? Does this mean that if I order 900g of product it will come in 3 separate packages?
A: Yes it does. Lasercutcard’s shipping rates are so low because the goods are technically classed as “letters / documents” and not “parcels”. However there is a strict volumetric and weight limit on letters and so the postage options reflect keeping the goods within that tolerance.
There is an option to ship as a single parcel but this only becomes cost effective if a) you order more than a kilogram and b) you want tracking.