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Ork Scrap shacks redux

The scrap shacks have been redesigned and repackaged. They are now one set which includes 3 small huts and one large hut The set includes corrugated card as well, for extra customisation options See them in the shop here:


Shipping Container City

Here’s an idea of what an entire table made just of the shipping containers could look like Hard, angular, gritty lines of sight Multiple levels using the container accessories The gaffer and his canid guard the scrap heaps dilligently   The Guv is renowned for starch that does not come from corpses Mother Trucker deals

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DIY Doors and Windows

We have a range of DIY scenery here: These are perfect for slapping on to old cereal boxes and calling it a day. We are occasionally asked what size these are. These images have been added to the product pages themselves. Click to make the image bigger Click to make the image bigger Click

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Domes and containers WIP

We want to bring back the converted shipping containers (we used to do these but when we resized the containers from their weird custom size to 2″x2″x4″ the converted ones were left behind) This is the site office. A test cut, but it worked out pretty much perfectly. It is much MUCH easier to build

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Normal postage is back

Normal post is back! The South African Post Office is now accepting normal post for all international destinations. I have posted orders to the UK, USA and Germany. The burning question now is “how long will they take to arrive?” This is a tough one and my guess is, quite a long time. I am

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An update on postage

LaserCutCard normally ships using the South African Post Office. During our Covid lockdown, the post office was closed. It has since reopened but there are two challenges: It is only shipping to certain countries It is distributing government support grants to needy citizens and there are long long queues to get in As a result,

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