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LCC and Scorched Earth Designs

Some news! I have entered into an agreement with Scorched Earth Designs ( to produce LCC stuff in Australia. Contact them and let them know if there are specific items from the back catalog that they should carry (if they don’t already)! Happy modelling.


40k tournament terrain set

Games Workshop has published the LEVIATHAN TOURNAMENT COMPANION, a handy guide to 10e tournament play. This document includes suggested tournament terrain layouts that are balanced and fair, based on standard bases sizes. We have produced a set of scenery that allows you to set up any of the suggested layouts, and includes 12 sets of

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Industrial Scenery WIP

Some work in progress shots of the industrial scenery. These are intended for small skirmish games like Kill Team or Necromunda where vertical movement is a thing. For games like Infinity (where vertical movement is not abstracted) all pieces either have ladders or doors to denote entry/exit or scale points Hopefully the final versions will

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Art deco concept models

These are WIP of full size art deco buildings (3″ floor height). They are in various stages of testing and having detailing added. They have a core of MDF and lots of card detailing. The idea is to finish the complete building then adapt them into corner ruins. I prefer the corner ruins to look

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Industrial terrain

These are some test cuts for a new set of industrial terrain. The idea with this will be to be able to create a multi-level battlefield that is accessible to all (or at least most) units. All the walkways are at least 60mm wide and I am working on ramps to allow smaller vehicles (bikes,

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Ork Mek Hut WIP

The ork mek hut is coming along nicely. I just need to do the build instructions and then we are good to go. These are the parts although I will make some small tweaks to the final production run. Put together it makes a nice piece of scenery that is easy to interact with I’ve

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Ork Scrap shacks redux

The scrap shacks have been redesigned and repackaged. They are now one set which includes 3 small huts and one large hut The set includes corrugated card as well, for extra customisation options See them in the shop here: