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Brownstone architectural details

The brownstones are finished – as soon as the build instructions are finished and the printing done, thy will be released. The three sets are more or less identical, except for the architectural details at the top and on the front and rear window frames. The production costs for each kit are slightly different but

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Chibi PzKpfw IV recut

The chibi PzKpfw IV was made smaller as the previous version was too large. We dialed it down a little too much as you can see…this version is too small now. It has been resized up again and will be recut, with some extra changes to the road wheels. Once this is done, it will

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28mm brownstone WIP

Although perhaps not particularly grim or dark, we’re dusting off this file to see if we can finish it. Perfect for super hero games, and maybe for a weird “this planet looks just like ancient earth” 40k game. GREAT for blocking line of site. This test cut was still too heavy, so the whole thing

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