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Some tips to get the most out of your LaserCutCard products

Ruining a bastion part 1

With the imminent release of our new shrine/bastion kit, we thought we would take one of our old pre-production models and turn it into a set of tabletop ruins. Two models for the price of one! To start, the model

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Tutorial: Topiaries

Creating topiaries for scatter terrain is cheap and easy. You will need some wire or sticks for the stalks some polystyrene balls for the shapes some plastic end-caps for the planters (these are sold at hardware stores and are slotted

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Simple ruined gothic church

This is a look at using our DIY gothic window and door set to get some attractive scenery quickly and easily. We built this generic ruined gothic church in about 2 hours (not counting drying time) using 1 set of

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