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Shipping Container City

Here’s an idea of what an entire table made just of the shipping containers could look like Hard, angular, gritty lines of sight Multiple levels using the container accessories The gaffer and his canid guard the scrap heaps dilligently   The Guv is renowned for starch that does not come from corpses Mother Trucker deals

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Necron Terrain by Tim

Tim sent in these amazing shots of his necron table made using a mix of items from the Cyborg range as well as a few other bits and bobs. The lighting is from tealight LEDs. The paint job perfectly captures a crepuscular and creepy tomb world. Well done Tim!  


“Victoria Mansions” paint test

“Victoria Mansions” paint test. This is the first of the 8mm art deco buildings. It’s not coming any time soon as we want to have an entire range before we go live, but the paint test worked out well (and was super simple to do) If you are super bored, you can see the (very

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Painting the ziggurat with spray paint

A quick look around the web will show you plenty of tables covered in lovely MDF scenery that is mostly unpainted. There is a good reason for this – scenery pieces have large flat areas that are intimidating (and expensive) to paint with a brush and hobby paints. Also, given that you might have several

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