An update on postage

LaserCutCard normally ships using the South African Post Office.

During our Covid lockdown, the post office was closed.

It has since reopened but there are two challenges:

  • It is only shipping to certain countries
  • It is distributing government support grants to needy citizens and there are long long queues to get in

As a result, posting via them is not feasible.

I have added rates for door-to-door courier to the website but these are shockingly expensive. They only become worth it if you order a huge amount of items (about 4kg)

Any updates will be posted here and on the facebook page

EDIT: As of 17 August, we are moving to down to lockdown level 2. Hopefully this will bring about changes in the post office that might allow me to resume using them for postage.

Here is the list of countries that the post office is currently shipping to (click to expand).


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