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Necron Terrain by Tim

Tim sent in these amazing shots of his necron table made using a mix of items from the Cyborg range as well as a few other bits and bobs. The lighting is from tealight LEDs. The paint job perfectly captures a crepuscular and creepy tomb world. Well done Tim!  


Chevriot court interior

Another small update on the art deco project… a 3d floorplan. I would love to say this was a fantastic success but that would imply it was, which it isn’t. The walls are too high and they get in the way of moving models. But it has given me the idea to do a ruined

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Chevriot Court paint test

Here is a paint test of Cheviot Court. I won’t lie… there were a lot of bugs in this cut and it can be greatly improved. Bugs included missing parts (that I had to hand cut), parts that were reversed and so bent the wrong way and then problems I created myself in building it

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Art Deco Building Test

This is a work in progress of a 28mm art deco building. The model is not perfect but I am very pleased with how this turned out. There are some small improvements to be made and some extra detailing to be added but the final product will be very close to this I will have

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cyborg stone

Cyborg stonework

We have accumulated a lot of test pieces for all the cyborg terrain, and I have been at a bit of a loss with what to do with them. Solution: Paint them all up for a themed table for the upcoming ICON Durban 40k tournament. Rather than going for a traditional metallic / futuristic paint

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