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#strProject# Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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The components for the kit are cut by a laser into the card and/or MDF. To keep the parts on the card there are some small tabs that you will need to cut.

When you want to remove a piece from the card, cut through the remaining lines to release the part.

I use superglue and white wood glue for construction: the superglue is used for small parts as it bonds fairly quickly (within 3 seconds) and the white glue for larger parts but feel free to use whatever glue you are comfortable with.

Part 1 - The main structure

Start by removing the smaller arched piece from the frame and gluing it to the base as shown.

Remove the two large arched pieces from the frame and glue them together.

Make sure that the piece with sections cut out is on top.

Remove the 7 small rectangular tags from the frame. Separate them and fold them on their bend lines.

Find the roof of the hut... it is a large rectangular piece with a small square in one corner (indicated by the circle). Fold it along each of its bends.

Glue the rectangular tabs along the back end

Remove the two large rectangular side pieces and the four joining pieces from the frame

Pre-fold the joining pieces along their bend lines

Glue them on to the side pieces as shown (the two pieces should be mirror images of each other.

One joining piece is to attach the roof, one is to attach the back.

Attach the main arch to the base using the slots in the base

Attach the side pieces to the base and the arch

Attach the main roof to the arch. The roof has a small square on it. This should be near the square on the main arch (see the white circle)

Use the tabs that you glued onto the sides to glue the roof in place.

After you have attached the roof if there are any gaps you have the option to add these pieces to cover them or to make the roof join stronger but they are entirely optional

Remove the back piece of the workshop from the frame and pre-bend it on all the folds.

Attache it first to the base at the bottom

Then, starting with the central part, glue it to the tabs on the back of the roof.

Glue the central part on, then the parts either side, working outwards

This is a complicated piece and it is quite possible that you will have gaps. No worries! Remember that you only have to build it as well as a lazy orc would build it :)

If there are any gaps, fill them with white wood glue.

You never know who might be handling your terrain so to make it as strong as possible you might want to consider putting a thick layer of white glue on all the interior joins.

Now let this dry and lets move on to the accessories

Part 2 - The accessories

Remove the small airconditioning unit from the frame and fold it up and glue it as shown

Remove the armoured door from the frame and attach the parts as shown

Remove the parts for the standard door and glue the handle on as shown

Remove the vent parts and glue them together as shown

Remove the glyph parts and glue them as shown. The smaller pieces from inside can be glued on to other accessory pieces

The parts for the large airconditioning unit (which you can also claim is a generator if you want) are here.

The instructions to build it are here: Vents and Airconditioning Set

There is also a small piece of corrugated card in your set.

After this, it is just up to you to decide how you want to glue your accessories on. Here are some ideas.

The rusted effect was done using salt and an airbrush and you can see how to do this our painting guide

#strProject# Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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