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#strProject# Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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Welcome to the Quad Cannon build instructions.

The quad cannon comes as card pieces and plastic tubing.

The card has been laser cut. To keep the parts on the card there are some small tabs that you will need to cut.

When you want to remove a piece from the card, cut through the remaining lines to release the part.

There are three different thicknesses of plastic tubing... telling these apart will be quite important!

I use superglue for construction as it bonds fairly quickly (within 3 seconds) but feel free to use whatever glue you are comfortable with.

Part 1 - the stand

The base: begin by removing the parts shown from the card frame and gluing them as shown.

The vertical stand: next remove the stand pieces and glue as shown. Don't glue any plastic rod .. that is just being used to make sure that the holes line up correctly.

Next remove the small cogs and cut a 6mm piece from the long plastic rod (the piece that is 3.2mm thick)

Glue the cogs to the rod but make sure you do not get any glue on the stand... you want the cogs to be able to rotate.

Finally, glue the stand into the base

Part 2 - the gun

Find the other parts as shown.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the parts with the cog teeth must be on the INSIDE

Do not glue in any plastic rod. This is just used to make sure the holes line up.

Assemble the main parts of the gun as shown

In step 4 there is only 1 part. It covers the small rectangular holes on one side.

These holes are left open on the other side to attach the magazines.

Part 3 - the magazines

There are four magazines and each are comprised of these pieces

Remove the pieces as shown.

Before doing this you might want to score the folds a little more so that they bend cleanly. Use a sharp hobby knife but do not cut through.

Assemble the parts as shown. Only glue on ONE of the end caps.

Next, use the cutting guide to cut 6 lengths of the thin plastic rod.

Slot them into the magazine. Once they are all in place, glue on the other end piece to hold them in place (see next step)

Once you have added on the second end cap, add on the two smaller circles as shown in fig. 2

Complete the above until you have 4 magazines and then glue them on to the cannon body using the rectangular slots provided

Part 4 - the barrels

Each barrel is made of three pieces... two short thicker pieces and a long thinner piece

Start by dry-fitting the barrels in place with one set of thicker pieces attached.

Once you are happy with their positions, glue them in place.

You might need to make adjustments while the glue dries to make sure they are straight and in line with each other.

When you come to add the second set of thicker pieces (the flash supressors / muzzle breaks), you can use them to adjust the length of the barrels

You can also play with them to make the barrels appear to have different lengths.

There is no right or wrong way here... you can glue them on as you wish.

Finally, glue the cannon parts together as shown. You will need a 20mm length of the middle thickness of plastic tubing.

Once this is done, you are finished


#strProject# Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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