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#strProject# Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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The components for the kit are cut by a laser into the card and/or MDF. To keep the parts on the card there are some small tabs that you will need to cut.

When you want to remove a piece from the card, cut through the remaining lines to release the part.

Always pre-fold any parts with folds. If the fold is not crisp and clean, gently score the fold with a sharp knife.

I mostly use white wood glue and occassionally a bit of superglue for construction: the superglue is used for small parts as it bonds fairly quickly (within 3 seconds) and the white glue for larger parts but feel free to use whatever glue you are comfortable with.

The battlefield is a dangerous place: it is recommended at each step to put a thick strip of white glue along the inside of all joins to make your model as strong as possible

The hull pieces

Remove the main hull piece and the hull floor from the frame

If you want to model any of the side doors, the rear door or the roof hatch open, remove them now and save the pieces

Fold and glue the main hull as shown

Remove the side hull pieces and the hull spacer pieces (ORANGE) from the frame

Fold the hull spacer pieces into a square as shown and glue them

Glue the hull spacer pieces to the inside of the side hull, lining it up with the bottom of the door

Fold the side hull piece over and glue it as shown

Remove the road wheel pieces (ORANGE and GREEN) as shown

The ORANGE pieces are for the outside road wheels - glue these together as shown

The GREEN pieces are the inside road wheels

Glue the ORANGE pieces to the side hull so that they will be on the outside when you assemble the rest of the model

Align the tracks with the lower hull as shown by the red arrows

Glue the side hulls to the main hull

Make sure they line up at the top and front... turn the model upside down and use a flat work surface to make sure the top and front are totally level

Glue the main hull plates (ORANGE) on to the front, sides, top and back

Carefully slice off all the tie-down pieces from the bottom front plate (GREEN)

In newer versions of this kit, the tie-downs are not attached to the bottom front plate (insert GREEN)

Glue the front plate on as shown and then glue the tie-down pieces into all the slots provided

Adding the detail

Please feel free to add these detail pieces where you want. There is no reason why you can't swop certain parts around

If you have removed the doors because you want to model them open, glue the saved pieces together as shown

The figure 8 pieces are for the rear lights.

The vents can be glued on the back as shown (or anywhere else you might like)

There are two tie-down slots on the back

Each door has a small window and a thin latch top open it

It also has a step plate and a grab handle to help troops pull themselves up

The GREEN pieces are the hatches and main hatch plate

The ORANGE pieces are alternative pieces for the main hatch. You use this if you are adding a turret

The YELLOW pieces are the small mirrors that slide into slots all around the hatches

#strProject# Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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