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#strProject# Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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The basic artillery gun is included in serveral different kits. The parts are all near one another but will not be laid out exactly as on the left.

The line drawing of the parts is just to help you find them on the frames.

Plastic tube parts (make sure you have all of these)

  • 1 x 30mm long 12mm diameter tube (part of the barrels)
  • 3 x ~10mm long 11.1mm diameter tube (part of the barrels)
  • 1 x 80mm long 9.5mm diameter tube (part of the barrels)
  • 2 x 34mm long 4.8mm diameter tube (the recuperators)
  • 1 x 35mm long 2.4mm diameter tube (the crossbar)

The components for the kit are cut by a laser into the card and/or MDF. To keep the parts on the card there are some small tabs that you will need to cut.

When you want to remove a piece from the card, cut through the remaining lines to release the part.

Always pre-fold any parts with folds. If the fold is not crisp and clean, gently score the fold with a sharp knife.

I mostly use white wood glue and occassionally a bit of superglue for construction: the superglue is used for small parts as it bonds fairly quickly (within 3 seconds) and the white glue for larger parts but feel free to use whatever glue you are comfortable with.

The battlefield is a dangerous place: it is recommended at each step to put a thick strip of white glue along the inside of all joins to make your model as strong as possible

Remove the main body piece from the frame

Pre fold it and then glue it as shown

Remove the two end pieces as shown

Glue them to the main body

Slide the two recuperator pieces into them (4.8mm diameter tubes)

Remove the parts for the breech.

The hinge (at the top) is in two parts... glue them together

Make sure you glue them to the end of the barrel with the triangle (Δ)

Remove the sides of the body and the bottom of the body from the frame

Glue the sides to the gun as shown.

Make sure the triange (Δ) on the bottom is at the breech end of the gun

Glue the two parts of the cog together as shown

Glue the cog into the bottom as shown

Finally, glue two hex nuts on to one end of the cross piece (2.4mm diameter tube)

slide it through the gun and then glue on the other two

Glue 1 of the 3 11.1mm diameter tubes into the main part of the barrel

You can assemble your barrels as shown and then swap them out between games

#strProject# Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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