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#strProject# Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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The components for the kit are cut by a laser into the card and/or MDF. To keep the parts on the card there are some small tabs that you will need to cut.

Parts of the card are scored to allow easy folding (these are indicated in red on the image)

When you want to remove a piece from the card, cut through the remaining lines to release the part.

Larger pieces will fold easily but for smaller pieces (or pieces where the fold runs to a corner) we recommend lightly scoring the fold with a sharp knife to make it fold easier.

I use superglue and white wood glue for construction: the superglue is used for small parts as it bonds fairly quickly (within 3 seconds) and the white glue for larger parts but feel free to use whatever glue you are comfortable with.

Part 1 - The small hill

Start by removing the inner pieces of the small hill and pre-folding them as shown.

Fold down the back and glue it to the sides. The back piece should glue under the side piece (see the red arrow).

Glue the front and side piece down as shown in the second picture.

Fold the ramp piece as shown

Then glue the ramp piece onto the bottom of the hill

At this stage your smaller hill should look like this.

Remove the detailing pieces from the frame and pre-fold them.

Glue them onto the sides of the hill as shown.

Remove the inner circles from the glyphs (which rhymes with "cliff", Nick) and glue them into place

Now flip it over and put a thick coat of white glue on all the interior joins.

If there are any gaps in your construction, you can also use the white glue as a kind of filler. It will soak into the card and create a very strong but also flexible bond.

Part 2 - The large hill

Remove the pieces for the larger hill and pre-fold them as shown.

Fold the front of the hill as shown and glue it in place

Attach the back of the hill to the top using the slots provided

Then attach the sides of the hill as shown

The sides of the hill should touch your work surface, not sit on top of the piece that is the top of the hill.

Fold the ramp as shown and glue it in place

Remove the glyphs from the backing armour and glue it in place.

Then do the same with the front armour

We recommend the white glue for the large piece too. You will be sure to be careful with your models but other people might handle them roughly

#strProject# Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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