Laser Cut Card: painting guide

Painting Guide

Painting all LCC products is basically the same:
  1. Undercoat with a matt white or matt black spraypaint
  2. Paint the basic model with an airbrush or brush
  3. Apply a matt varnish if you want

The card accepts paint really well and I have never had any problems with warping, even when doing washes.

This page just highlights some of the different ways I have painted the models used in the photographs.

Cyborg terrain
Painting guide

Urban scatter (with salt rust)
Painting guide

Cyborg Range

All the cyborg range has been painted the same way. It's not the most original paint job but I had to try and make the product shots appeal to the widest possible audience.

To start, the models were given a coat of matt black spraypaint. I use the cheap stuff you get at the hardware store rather than expensive Tamiya or GW products.

After that they were given a coat of Tamiya Bronze with the airbrush. I generally use Tamiya paints as they are easier to get in Durban.

The edges were then given a coat of Tamya Dark Copper with the airbrush and the centre of the glyphs were given the same treatment.

Finally, a thin coat of Tamiya Park Green (the most lurid gloss green I have ever seen) was put into the glyph channels.

Urban Scatter with Salt Weathering

These test models were painted without undercoating in any way.

To start, I painted the skip with Tamiya Hull Red and the garbage bins with Tamiya Flat Green

After that I "painted" the nooks and crannies of the skip with warm water and sprinkled salt on it. This was left to dry overnight.

The next day it was given a yellow coat with the airbrush - as you can see you lose a lot of the salt in this process.

The salt was then scrubbed off with a paintbrush leaving the rusted effect.

Areas that will get a lot more weathering got a lot more salt.

The boxes were given a drybrush with Tamiya Deck Tan and then GW Nuln Oil was applied around the hinges

Finally the models were given a thin wash of Tamiya Flat Brown near the bottom to represent street grime