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Cyborg Barricade Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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The components for the kit are cut by a laser into the card. To keep the parts on the card some of the cuts only go half way through. In other places, a small tab has been left attaching the piece to the frame.

When you want to remove a piece from the card, flip the card over and look for the incomplete lines. You will only need to cut these lines to release the part.

It is strongly recommended that you use superglue rather than wood glue. Superglue bonds in about five seconds and also soaks into the card without warping.

Part 1 - preparing the basic barricade
Start by removing one of the basic barricade pieces (the compound piece on the left) plus one of the bases (a rectangle marked with a hexagon).
Cut the compound piece into the three sections as shown.

Flip the pieces that have a glyph on them over, and release the glyph by cutting through the end bits.

If you do this carefully you can save the glyph for use on other models (or glue it onto this one somewhere for extra effect)

At this point you should have all these components ready for the next step.
Part 2 - Assembling the basic barricade

Gently score the lines on the two pieces that have wings.

DO NOT CUT THROUGH! All you want to do is let the piece have a nice clean fold.

Take the two pieces that have wings and align them together with the glyph piece at the back and the cutout at the top lined up.

Fold the wings back so that they are at 90° to the front

Take one of the base pieces (the rectangles marked with a hexagon) and pinch it with the wings. The base is there to help you keep a neat 90° angle.

Once everything is neatly lined up, it should look like the last picture.

Once you are happy with the alignment, put a few drops of glue onto each edge. If you are using Superglue, this should dry in a few seconds.

Now take the final piece of the barricade (it has a glyph and no wings) and line it up with the others. Once you are happy with the alignment, you can glue it in place.

Remove the circles from the cut-out glyphs (they are only held in place by a small uncut tab)

Put a drop of superglue where you want to glue them and, using the point of the knife to pick them up, glue them in place.

There are thin lines scored onto the front plate to help you judge the centre.

The basic barricade is now complete and should look like this.

Part 3 - Assembling the vanes

Remove two of the big vane components and two of the skinny ones that look like bows from the other frame.

Although the ones that look like a bow seem identical, three are actually mirror images of the other three, so remove them in pairs, from the outside working in.

Cut the tops off the fat vane components - it will be glued back later. Cut on the line provided.

Glue the fat vane component to the basic barricade.

The back of it should line up with the etched line (that is what it is there for) and the top should be flush with the top of the basic barricade.

When you have done both sides, it should look like this.

Now separate the other vane components and glue them together as shown.

There are little guide lines etched onto the part that will become the centre of the vane to help you position the pieces.

The checkpoint piece is what you are aiming for.

This bit is easy... simply glue the thin subcomponent onto the main part and you are done... the basic barricade is complete.

Now go and do this twice more for the other two basic components.

The second one will take you half the time and the third one half the time of that.

Part 4 -The back bit

Separate the three layers of the back bit.

Flip them over and remove the glyphs from the two plates that have glyphs.

Glue the three layers together, putting the widest at the back.

You can align them using the semi-circle cut out from the top as well as the guide lines etched onto the back two plates.

There is no mistake with these lines... the backmost one has the guidelines set 2mm in from the edge and the middle one only 1mm.

Once this is dry enough to handle, pinch the backing plate to the back of one of the basic barricade sets.

Once you are happy with the alignment, drop some superglue into the join.

Repeat this with a second basic barricade.

That's it! You are finished the first of the four components. Well done!

Cyborg Barricade Instruction Set © Neal Crankshaw
Available from http://www.lasercutcard.co.za
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