Shipping Containers


The core of our shipping container range is this – a container made from 3 layers of heavy card. It is 44mm high and so perfect for blocking line of sight to all infantry models in the various 28/30mm scale ranges.




The card is strong on its own but when layered like this, it is extremely robust and durable.

The basic container is sold in packs of three, a very economical way to build up your collection.

But there is a lot more to the range than this. Containers are often converted to other uses once their working life is over, becoming offices, shops and houses.

See this in the store:

Container site office set



Here, a container has been converted into an office with lots of large windows and a sliding door. There is roof access via a trapdoor and stepladdercontainer-siteoffice-1a

The site office also comes with an accessory set of stepladders and a walkway


See it in the store:

Container shops set


These containers have been converted into shops. What do they serve? That’s up to you. One has a roof area accessible by steps so that patrons can enjoy the sights and sounds. This set comprises two converted containers and an accessory set with steps, tables and palettes.



Container retail #1 has a short hatch with counter and a door. Maybe it sells food or ammunition?


Container retail #2 has a long serving hatch and counter. Access is via the container side. This has always been imagined as a bar. Use the roof foto enjoy your beverage. Drinks are on the house (literally)


The accessory set is great for setting the scene and providing cover.

See it in the store:

Container houses set




These containers have been converted into living spaces. More windows but smaller than the others (security is always a concern in the container slum city). This set comprises two different container houses and the step accessory set.



Container house #1 has square windows in a cottage frame layout. Just add the bowl of petunias




Container house #2 has rounded windows, possibly scavenged from an airliner. Roof access if via a trapdoor and ladder.

See it in the store:

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