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New container set and bundle deal

We’ve added a new container set to our collection – the “container box” set. This is effectively two of our standard containers, side by side. This completes our Core Container range, which comprises set of 3 standard single containers, the

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Art Deco ruins released

The art deco ruins, previously featured as a work in progress, are now in the store. This set of four corner ruins are part of the same ruined master building, and can be used individually or as a set. You

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Orc fort released

The orc fort parts are now in the store. All the parts are available here: The bastion is available as is but you can upgrade it to come with either the heavy artillery, heavy machine guns or quad cannon

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The Gunship is released!

The gunship has taken to the air. It is in the store here: This is a cardboard kit for a generic gunship / dropship. It is made from layers of 1mm heavy card, laser cut. This is a basic

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Stacked containers

We’ve created a new product to round out our container range – stacked containers. We found that a lot of the time we were stacking the containers on top of one another and someone suggested we do a stacked set

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Skips and bins set re-released

The “urban scatter” set has been renamed “skips and bins”. It has gone up in price $2 (from $5.50 to $7.50) but it now has an extra skip in it (which is the most useful piece in the set)

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More $1 Shipping!

LaserCutCard has added three new products to the ‘$1 shipping’ category in the webstore. All three of these items will ship anywhere in the world for only $1! New vents and aircon pack that gives you DOUBLE what the old

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$1 Shipping!

Two “new” models for release today, but they are part of a bigger picture. The models are a new version of the obelisk, and a version of the sentinal with no crystal. These are part of a new category of

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Cyborg Hill Set

Strange symmetrical mesas rise from the cyborg landscape. Are they data centres? Landing pads? Capacitors? No-one knows except the cyborgs, and they only speak binary. This week we expand our Cyborg range with a new set of cyborg-themed hills. You

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Water towers and bridges

This week we release two new projects, part of our “urban scatter” series. You can see all our urban scatter items in the web store here. This is intended as a range of smaller items to block line of site

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