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Our scenery in use on the table

The 14th Black Crusade: Apocalypse Part 2

Here is a collection of some of the stunning models that took part in the apocalypse game. Fantastic work to all of you guys – you made the game extra special through your effort. Please note that you can click

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The 14th Black Crusade: Apocalypse Part 1

On 23rd and 24th January 2016, the Durban Wargames Club hosted The 14th Black Crusade. This was a mighty game of Warhammer 40k with 36,000 points on each side! The teams pitted Abaddon and the Lords of the Black Crusade

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3750 Warlord titan battle report!

G’Shaa hurried through the garden as quickly as his bloated and putrefying form allowed. Here, the garden formed a series of low decorative hillocks covered with scented blooms and thick creepers and so G’Shaa was finding it faster to go

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