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Expanded products for “Infinity”

We have expanded the range of our futuristic buildings designed for Infinity that we released last week. All these products are in the store here: Bundle packs First off we have some bundle packs, featuring doors, windows and buildings

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Tutorial: Topiaries

Creating topiaries for scatter terrain is cheap and easy. You will need some wire or sticks for the stalks some polystyrene balls for the shapes some plastic end-caps for the planters (these are sold at hardware stores and are slotted

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A new range of buildings: “Infinity”

This is something we have been working on for some time and are proud to finally unveil. It is a range of buildings specifically designed for the “Infinity” game. We also hope that they will set new standards in affordability,

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28mm Brownstone buildings WIP

We’re working on some 28mm brownstone buildings for use in contemporary games. The basic idea is to have a core building and then have detailing layers that can change the look depending on how you add them on. Here are

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Tanks and Turrets

When we first released the Ratel, it came with 3 different turrets. This proved unsustainable and so two of the turrets were dropped. We are now re-releasing them as stand-alone items as well as optional add-ons to the Ratel and

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New Product: Futurehab #3 – office tower

Jump straight to the store Commerce is the lifeblood of the city, no matter what the century or planet. This is a three-level office block that would be at home anywhere from Neo Tokyo to Coruscant. It is made from

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The 14th Black Crusade: Apocalypse Part 2

Here is a collection of some of the stunning models that took part in the apocalypse game. Fantastic work to all of you guys – you made the game extra special through your effort. Please note that you can click

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The 14th Black Crusade: Apocalypse Part 1

On 23rd and 24th January 2016, the Durban Wargames Club hosted The 14th Black Crusade. This was a mighty game of Warhammer 40k with 36,000 points on each side! The teams pitted Abaddon and the Lords of the Black Crusade

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New Product: Orc table deal!

An entire table’s worth of orc scenery! This incredible deal includes: 1 expanded orc fort 1 x gatehouse set 1 x wall sections set 2 x towers sets 1 orc bastion 1 x orc bastion set 1 expanded orc settlement

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Posable Titan 6 – Almost done

Read part 5 here The main subcomponents for the posable warhound titan left were the hull and head I went for my own design of head And finally, everything was stuck together and glued in place All that is left

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