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Gothic Bastion Shrine

Today we release the Gothic Bastion Shrine – a great piece of terrain for your imperial homeworld. Featuring rose windows, gothic arches and just a touch of firepower, this building projects just the right mix of salvation and purgatory. The

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Ruining a bastion part 1

With the imminent release of our new shrine/bastion kit, we thought we would take one of our old pre-production models and turn it into a set of tabletop ruins. Two models for the price of one! To start, the model

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The Great War – the Mk IV tank

Make way for the Mother Of All Tanks! See the tank in the store here: This is a 1/48 scale model of perhaps one of the most recognisable tanks of all time… the 1917 Mk IV British tank. The

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WIP – Gunship v2

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at some development work on the new version of our gunship. We are testing several different set of changes at once here, so you will have to imagine what it *might be* rather than what

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Variable Geometry Scendship

This is a model we have been working on for some time and are proud to finally release it. The scendship is a high altitude VTOL vehicle capable of dropping down from orbit and then taking off and returning. Since

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New products: artillery

Where to begin? This is our single biggest product release to date and there is a LOT to cover, so please bear with us. Firstly, the Na-To Tractor This is a modification of the Na-To chassis with wheel armour. A

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Workbench update – M113R conversion

The pre-production M113R got repainted because the original one just wasn’t good enough. We had some WIP photos sent in by a customer of their conversion. Looking good, Travis!

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New model: M113 Redux tracked APC

Today we release a new model: the M113 Redux tracked APC This is a futuristic evolution of our generic APC based on the US M113. It features a new suspension and wheel system and side doors that open forwards to

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Workbench Update: Q3W2

There was a lot happening on the workbench in the second week of Q3 (10 – 16 July 2016) M113 R(edux) The new road wheels and doors are sorted. The doors (which we borrowed from the Ratel model) open forwards

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Workbench Update: Q3W1

What’s on the workbench in the first week of Q3? M113 Redux We wondered what our M113 model would look like if we expanded the side armour down a bit and so the first step was a quick sketch This

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