Painting Guide

If you have any questions about painting your card models, hopefully this page can answer them.


Painting Cyborgs
Painting Plate Glass
Painting Shipping Containers


Q: Will the card warp when I paint it?
A: Not in our experience. Generally the card is layered and this layering prevents warping

Q: Do I need to seal the card before painting?
A: No. We occasionally undercoat using white or black spray paint but we’ve also brushed paint straight on and never had any problems

Q: Can I use normal paints? What about washes?
A: Although we use an airbrush for the larger models (because it saves time and paint), we generally paint with normal brush and paint. We also do normal washes over the models and they work perfectly.

Q: What about after painting? Should I seal it?
A: This is entirely up to you. We generally give our models a sealer coat of matt varnish out a spray can but this is something we do with all our models: plastic, metal and card. The local game store can be a rough place….