Monthly Archives: August 2021


Industrial Scenery WIP

Some work in progress shots of the industrial scenery. These are intended for small skirmish games like Kill Team or Necromunda where vertical movement is a thing. For games like Infinity (where vertical movement is not abstracted) all pieces either have ladders or doors to denote entry/exit or scale points Hopefully the final versions will

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Art deco concept models

These are WIP of full size art deco buildings (3″ floor height). They are in various stages of testing and having detailing added. They have a core of MDF and lots of card detailing. The idea is to finish the complete building then adapt them into corner ruins. I prefer the corner ruins to look

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Industrial terrain

These are some test cuts for a new set of industrial terrain. The idea with this will be to be able to create a multi-level battlefield that is accessible to all (or at least most) units. All the walkways are at least 60mm wide and I am working on ramps to allow smaller vehicles (bikes,

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