Gothic Bastion Shrine


Today we release the Gothic Bastion Shrine – a great piece of terrain for your imperial homeworld.

Featuring rose windows, gothic arches and just a touch of firepower, this building projects just the right mix of salvation and purgatory.

The basic kit includes the 4 gun turrets shown in the image

Gothic Shrine Add-ons

The basic kit is upgradable to a “sisters” version by adding fleur-de-lis details. This upgrade set includes new door arches, new window frames and a replacement for the eagle.

Weapons Add-ons

You can add a quad cannon to the shrine to give you some support against flying and skimming units

This kit is made from 1mm heavy card and comes in a flat pack unpainted and unassembled.

Instructions are included in the kit


The basic design features rose windows and doors on two sides, and gothic arched windows on the other two


Each side is capped by the symbol of the eagle


There are optional gun sponsons for each side too


The roof is big enough to hold an entire squad with easy


The fleur-de-lis version adds some softer details by replacing the harsh eagle with scrollwork



Each door and window is also topped with a small fleur-de-lis symbol


With a bit of extra detailing, the fleur-de-lis version would not be out of place in any time ranging from King Arthur to the far future


You can see this model in the store here:

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