WIP – Gunship v2

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at some development work on the new version of our gunship.

We are testing several different set of changes at once here, so you will have to imagine what it *might be* rather than what it is at the moment.


Firstly – a new fuselage. Should it be in one piece or two?

The test of the single piece fuselage (above) worked out OK at the end but was fiddly to build. The small gaps in the cockpit were easy to fill with white glue.


The two part fuselage was much easier to build but the sloped back on the one-part is sexier. More on this below


The original gunship had no detailing. Here is some basic testing for cockpit and side armour detailing. Maybe it should have a door on the side?


I only realised when I started to build it that the new armour detailing means I can’t attach the weapon pod – so the armour is going to have to be modified to take that into account. Back to square one on that. I attached it to the one-piece fuselage anyway just to see what they looked like.


New landing gear was also tested, drawing heavily from the Sulaco dropship. You can see the little arrows I have started to add that represent corrections that are needed in the next build. You can also see the exit / entrance ramp on the bottom (so those side doors are not mission critical)


We had a crack at making an engine based around rolling the card (rather than making it a polygon that folds). Disaster. The card is too thick to roll and the engine sucked. But the size of it was ok.


Here are the lift pod wings, the short fuselage wings and the large elevators / tailplanes (big shout out to Terminator there)

The way the lift pod wings are attached means the side door is badly placed. You open it and stare out at the lifter pod. So what’s the point. Plus you can’t see if from here so the detailing is wasted. Scratch the side doors.


Even though the engine itself was a failure,  but it still serves as a nice placeholder.

I only made one because I was not sure if it would work with the rolling (good call!) but it made me wonder if it should only have one engine.

Here is the model with a centrally placed single thruster engine


And here it is with a marker pen standing in for the second engine.

The lifter pods are from the scendship model

Where to from here?

  • Try the engines again (polygons this time, and do two of them)
  • Redo the fuselage with the corrections needed
  • Do new armour that integrates with the weapon pods and the short wing
  • Sort out the landing gear
  • Think about changing the elevators – maybe try something similar to the A-10 warthog or the FW avenger
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