Ruining a bastion part 1

With the imminent release of our new shrine/bastion kit, we thought we would take one of our old pre-production models and turn it into a set of tabletop ruins. Two models for the price of one!


To start, the model was roughly cut in half on the diagonal


The sides got some more hacking to make them look really ruined, and damage was added to the battlements


The base from another model was used as a template to cut a similar shape from foamcore


The model was based on a 6″ square tile of Masonite. The foamcore was used to make a ground floor and a first floor. An incredibly scientific method was used to make sure the floors of the two buildings would be the same height.

The roof was given an extra layer of card (taken from the base of the model) to make it sturdier. You just KNOW someone is going to put their lead dreadnought up there at some stage…


Any recognisable pieces from the original model were saved to be incorporated into the rubble later.

Notice the thick layer of white glue that has been added to all the joins… the model is going to have to stand up to a lot of abuse from Game Store Kid and his clumsy friends over time, and needs to be as strong as possible.


The other half was given a similar treatment but on this side I added some holes right through the walls to represent the serious pounding this building has taken.

And now it needs to dry.


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