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New model: M113 Redux tracked APC

Today we release a new model: the M113 Redux tracked APC This is a futuristic evolution of our generic APC based on the US M113. It features a new suspension and wheel system and side doors that open forwards to

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Workbench Update: Q3W2

There was a lot happening on the workbench in the second week of Q3 (10 – 16 July 2016) M113 R(edux) The new road wheels and doors are sorted. The doors (which we borrowed from the Ratel model) open forwards

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Workbench Update: Q3W1

What’s on the workbench in the first week of Q3? M113 Redux We wondered what our M113 model would look like if we expanded the side armour down a bit and so the first step was a quick sketch This

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