Tanks and Turrets

When we first released the Ratel, it came with 3 different turrets. This proved unsustainable and so two of the turrets were dropped.

We are now re-releasing them as stand-alone items as well as optional add-ons to the Ratel and M113 APC

The 90mm turret has a smoothbore 90mm high velocity gun (aka “plastic tube”) and a single aerial. This turret comes standard with the Ratel 90 even if you upgrade

The “20mm” turret (or “command turret”) has a light cannon and three aerials

The ZT3 guided missle turret has a laser designator (or maybe a co-axial machine gun) and three anti-tank missiles.

All three of these turrets are $3.95 each on their own.

But wait! There’s more!

The price of the M113 APC has come down from $19 to $15.95
You can also add on any one of the above turrets for only $2.95

The price of the Ratel has come down to $17.95
It comes with the 90mm turret but you can add on one of the other two turrets for only $2.95

Also, the prices of the Buffel, Moffel and Casspir have also all dropped to $17.95

The buffel

From left to right, M113, Moffel, Casspir and Ratel

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