The 14th Black Crusade: Apocalypse Part 1

On 23rd and 24th January 2016, the Durban Wargames Club hosted The 14th Black Crusade.

This was a mighty game of Warhammer 40k with 36,000 points on each side!

The teams pitted Abaddon and the Lords of the Black Crusade along with their daemon allies and some Dark Mechanicus against the forces of the Imperium aided by some Tau and Eldar.

The game was played on three 4′ x 8′ tables that were in fact one contiguous table with gaps between for players to move down and reach models.

The battle was for the Shrineworld of Espior and here are a few photos giving a feel for this apocalyptic conflict.



The three tables: “infinity”, “art deco” and in the distance, “container terminal”


The container terminal table from the Imperial side, Salamanders and Xenos marching forward


The container terminal from the Chaos side, as rhinos and war machines disembark from the container vessel with a destroyer “Lacrimas Fidelis” giving cover


The deck of the “Lacrimas Fidelis”, awash with daemonkind


The perverted creation of the Dark Mechanicus strides up the main street of the art deco table towards the feet of the Imperial Warlord titan “Malleo Regum”.

Seconds later the tainted Atrapos was obliterated.


The central bastion of the Imperial lines came under heavy attack by flocks of flying daemonic war engines but did not yield.


On  the “infinity” table, the swift advance of the daemonic cavalry is temporarily halted by a lightning fast eldar counterattack




An overview of the central “art deco” table as chaos war machines backed up by legions of zombies and nurgle marines start their advance


The freeblade “Liberum Gladio” rushes to intercept the foul engine of khorne “Dominus Verticem”.

Both mighty machines were destroyed in enormous explosions that scoured all life from around them.



The heralds of Tzeentch perform a daring maneuver, deep striking in to take brief control of the fire control cogitators of the  “Malleo Regum”, causing it to fire on its own forces.

Great was the weeping and gnashing of teeth on the Imperial side…


The centre of the “art deco” table with the two nurgle daemon-titans “Lupus Morbi” and “Lupus Vomica” in the foreground and the impressive knees of the warlord “Malleo Regum” in the back.



The freeblade “Furorem Martia” strides in support of the Lord Mephiston, later sacrificing itself to protect him.


The “Lupus Morbi” and “Lupus Vomica” stand watch over the chaos back line



The big guns never tire. The view from the gun decks of “Malleo Regum”


The scions of Vulkan stand fast against a daemon that appeared in their midst



Marching to honour an ancient pledge, the aspect followers of Asurmen arrive to assist the Salamanders


Lead by their venerable battle brother Contemptor N’keln, the Salamander rapid response force arrives


The view of the field from the corrupted gun decks of “Lupus Morbi” prior to its annhilation at guns of “Malleo Regum”

At the close, the seemingly limitless tides of daemons proved too much for the valiant defenders and Espior fell. Dark was the day indeed and loud the lamentations of the women…

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