Modular Notre Dame Ruin 1

We’re having an Apocalypse game at the beginning of December and I want one of the tables (each table is 4’x8′) to be dominated by a huge 2’x4′ ruin of Notre Dame cathedral.

I only have a month and a half to build it so I need to be realistic in what can be achieved in that time.

Practicalities must weigh in early on. Instead of a single large model, it will be modelled on 8 12″ square boards so that storage and transport won’t be totally unrealistic.

Also, it will be donated to my FLGS after the game, and having it in components means that it can be spread out on other tables to represent a generic ruined gothic city – which should make it more useful in the long run.

The feasibility testing was the little corner ruin and since that turned out ok, I know that the gothic windows and doors can work.

Here is a 3ds model of the cathedral in Sketchup.

The front façade from ground level. Imposing, but relatively simple

The sides also.. the flying buttresses will be a little tricky but hopefully nothing too bad.


So to start off, the exact proportions will have to go out the window.

I have removed some bits from the middle and front to get it to fit, and now have a basic plan of what needs to be modelled on each 12″ square.

Next stop: getting some foamcore.

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