Posable Titan Project 1

I’ve finally decided to have a crack at building a titan.

There are some wonderful scratchbuilds out there that have some astonishing detail and embellishments and I will definitely be “drawing inspiration” from them. What is going to make mine a little different is that I want it to be fully posable.

The idea is going to be too have a skeleton made from MDF which will give it internal strength and also let me choose any dynamic pose I want. I don’t think it will stay posable once I have built it… I will glue the joints in place for strength after I have settled on a scenic base.

All the detail and armour will be card and will be added at the end.

To start off, a foot.

MDF with plastic pins allowing it to be moved around.




Adding hydraulics to the phalanges: these are telescoping rods that I use for all the LaserCutCard stuff… from Evergreen Scale Models. The attachments on to the phalanges are card. This is going to ultimately be a chaos walking robot and so I have added some appropriate detailing. The attachment was done with a dressmaker’s pin.

These are the metatarsus (below) and the tibia/fibula (above). The joint rotation is also done using telescoping styrene rod

This is the femur. The concentric rings are for the hip connector, which is probably going to be the widget from a can of Guiness

The foot subassembly. It all moves and I think I need to try do a video of it.

The entire leg. There are a few changes I will make in the next cut to improve stability and range of motion.

I can’t move forward with this project until 15 Jan as the guys who do my laser cutting are closing for the holidays but I will spend the time making changes to this model for the other leg

Read part 2 here

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