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Titan part 4

Read part 3 here The posable warhound titan scratchbuild continues The legs are basically done. I now need to start raiding the bitz box to bulk them up. This is the main hull – these cardboard pieces surround the MDF

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New Product: Na-To chassis

The Na-To was a late addition to the WW2 arsenal of the Empire Of Japan. It was intended as the carrier for the Type 5 anti-tank gun and was meant for the final defense of the home islands. The war

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Posable Titan Project 3

Read part 2 here A more substantial update this time on the scratch-built warhound titan project Both legs are now finished This is the torso – internal supports with the crossbeam to hold the arms. The weird holes in some

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DIY Scenery Gothic Windows

We already have a good range of DIY scenery in the shop but it is all very science fiction / Infinity biased. So I thought we would try some gothic stuff. These are the basic windows test The idea is

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Na-To recut complete

The Na-To, resized for 1/48 and with detailing added. The track system has been modifed to have idler wheels too. What a great model to put together… easy and fast to build and strong as heck. It had some tiny

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Posable Titan Project 2

Read part 1 here The scratch-built warhound titan project continues The second leg is under construction. I made some changes to the design of the foot for the second leg and as a result it has a far greater range

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Posable Titan Project 1

I’ve finally decided to have a crack at building a titan. There are some wonderful scratchbuilds out there that have some astonishing detail and embellishments and I will definitely be “drawing inspiration” from them. What is going to make mine

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New container set and bundle deal

We’ve added a new container set to our collection – the “container box” set. This is effectively two of our standard containers, side by side. This completes our Core Container range, which comprises set of 3 standard single containers, the

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New vehicle and shipping containers WIPS

Container Box Set test cut This is basically a set of 4 containers in sets of two, joined together. It will complement the stacked containers and the set of three single containers and provide a cheap and easy way to

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