3750 Warlord titan battle report!

G’Shaa hurried through the garden as quickly as his bloated and putrefying form allowed. Here, the garden formed a series of low decorative hillocks covered with scented blooms and thick creepers and so G’Shaa was finding it faster to go round them than over. Ahead was the Blighted Pit where the Maggotspore bathed and G’Shaa was eager to report.

He approached the wallowing form and slowed, dropping to one knee a short distance before the edge. The Lord of the Blighted Pit did not take kindly to lesser beings like G’Shaa himself encroaching on his hallowed ichors and ungulants.

“Papa G’aap – it is true. The mortals have landed a god machine on Irashnor. Lord Istellemont has confirmed this from low orbit and seeks your sanction to attack”

Slowly the huge form brought its gaze to bear on the plaguebearer.


Calthrax and Ablespore were two of the enormous daemon’s most prized possessions… war machines of the blood god bent to the path of the lord of decay by viruses and magic that the Maggotspore himself had devised.

“Papa G’aap – they are ready. The portals are anointed and the auguries sung. We only wait your pleasure.”

G’Shaa risked raising his eyes to his master. Having bent the great war beasts of Khorne to his will, it was well known that Scabeiathrax – known too as Papa G’aap, Lord of the Blighted Pit, Maggotspore, and the Wind of Nurgle – was most eager to try to bend an imperial machine to his will.

The massive form’s face was split by a huge sickly grin.


Martin, a talented architect by day, has been working on a (primarily) cardboard warlord for some time.

If has finally been finished and so we decided to see who would come out on tops: his all-superheavy walker force or my mixed Nurgle force.

Thank you The Unseen Shoppe (our FLGS) for hosting us

Nurgle – 3750pts


  • Chaos Daemons (Nurgle) Detachment
    • Great Unclean One (lvl3 psyker)
    • 14 plaguebearers
    • 14 plaguebearers
    • Daemon Prince (lvl3 psyker)
    • Scabeiathrax (Lord of War)
  • Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle) Detachment
    • Chaos Lord on bike
    • 7 plaguemarines in rhino
    • 7 plaguemarines in rhino
    • Hellbrute
  • Apocalypse Detachment
    • Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne Nurgle
    • Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne Nurgle

Imperium – 3750pts



  • Warlord Titan
  • Imperial Knight Commander
  • Imperial Knight
  • Imperial Knight

The battlefield


We played on a 6’x4′ table using all the art deco ruins plus the art deco skyscraper.

We initially rolled for missions but then thought… seriously? It was all about the titan.

The battle



I won’t break this down turn by turn. Here is a summary.

The orange skulls are where superheavies died.

The yellow crosses are where the nurgle daemons deep-struck



The end of the battle was a draw really… or maybe a massive Pyrrhic victory for Nurgle. This was all that was left on the table. As each superheavy died, it destroyed or damaged everything around it in the catastrophic explosion of the reactor meltdown.




The two plague scorpions of Nurgle had a less than stellar day out. One was obliterated on turn 1 by the awesome firepower of the warlord. The other charged a knight and did some damage but then was wiped out by the D weapon melee attack the next turn. But the explosion destroyed the knight too :)bat20150704-05


The titan eventually fell to massed melee attacks, the plaguebearers using their “touch of rust” rule and the daemons casting Iron Arm on themselves to be able to scratch it.



Of course it was not that simple. All the plague bearers were stomped to death after one turn of assaulting each, ground into paste by the holy heel of the god machine

When the titan finally died, the huge explosion of its reactor wiped out everything around it (including a knight) leaving only a few bedraggled survivors.

The titan

Ok – you’ve suffered through the battle report. Now here are some more pictures of it. It was hugely fun to play against and a pleasure to look at.

Martin should be justifiably proud.

In case you are wondering about making your own the basis for this kit was

  1. Calafant Robot cardboard model ($30 from Amazon)
  2. 2 x old Horizon Models ED-209 (OOP)
  3. Plumbing parts








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