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Orc fort released

The orc fort parts are now in the store. All the parts are available here: The bastion is available as is but you can upgrade it to come with either the heavy artillery, heavy machine guns or quad cannon

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Art Deco buildings WIP

Our range of art deco corner ruins is being re-released. They are in the store here: These kits used to combine an MDF core with card detailing. The MDF core has now been replaced with two layers of card,

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Orc Fort WIPS

This is something we have been working on for some time and it is almost ready. It is a set of modular structures to form a a fort made from scrap materials. It is intended to sit in the middle

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The Gunship is released!

The gunship has taken to the air. It is in the store here: This is a cardboard kit for a generic gunship / dropship. It is made from layers of 1mm heavy card, laser cut. This is a basic

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Gunship beta

The gunship model is finished… it just needs a nice paint job. It should retail for $16 including the stand

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Icon By The Sea 2015

Durban hosted it’s first gaming convention in a while over the weekend of 10-12 April 2015. Icon By The Sea, co-hosted by The Outer Limits and The Unseen Shoppe, surpassed all expectations. We had an absolute blast and will definitely

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