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“Wasp” gunship first fit test

This is a model that I am really excited about. The test build went together incredibly easily meaning all we have to do is think about detailing. When you compare it to some other flyers it is a little big

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Strength test 2

After our initial strength test, someone in the Infinity Australia facebook page asked if the picnic table could stand TWO bricks The answer is, one brick good, two bricks bad (but it can handle the weight of two bricks with

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Stacked containers

We’ve created a new product to round out our container range – stacked containers. We found that a lot of the time we were stacking the containers on top of one another and someone suggested we do a stacked set

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Strength test

We occasionally get asked “yes but how strong is the card?” A picture is worth a thousand words so here’s a quick 2000 word essay entitled “How strong is our weakest model (the picnic bench)?” How strong is our weakest

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Skips and bins set re-released

The “urban scatter” set has been renamed “skips and bins”. It has gone up in price $2 (from $5.50 to $7.50) but it now has an extra skip in it (which is the most useful piece in the set)

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