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10mm buildings test

We’ve been asked several times to look at doing 10mm scale buildings for games like Dropzone Commander and we’ve finally decided to give it a try. These are early tests. These are the straight 28mm scale files shrunk down and

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More $1 Shipping!

LaserCutCard has added three new products to the ‘$1 shipping’ category in the webstore. All three of these items will ship anywhere in the world for only $1! New vents and aircon pack that gives you DOUBLE what the old

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$1 Shipping!

Two “new” models for release today, but they are part of a bigger picture. The models are a new version of the obelisk, and a version of the sentinal with no crystal. These are part of a new category of

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Heavy Artillery Showcase

This was the first model we made that incorporated materials other than card. The heavy artillery piece is a mix of card, MDF and plastic tubing. We don’t normally carry these in stock – rather we make them to order.

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Futurehab office tower WIPS

FutureHab #3 – office block – Beta tests (with paint) I had four of these cut to test the paint and the scaling and to check the build quality. These picked up several minor issues which have been resolved in

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Shipping containers redux

The good news Our basic set of shipping containers has been reduced in price from $18.50 to $14.95 for three. On top of this, our shipping rates have come down! The container range v2 This is our basic shipping container

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