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Cyborg Hill Set

Strange symmetrical mesas rise from the cyborg landscape. Are they data centres? Landing pads? Capacitors? No-one knows except the cyborgs, and they only speak binary. This week we expand our Cyborg range with a new set of cyborg-themed hills. You

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Water towers and bridges

This week we release two new projects, part of our “urban scatter” series. You can see all our urban scatter items in the web store here. This is intended as a range of smaller items to block line of site

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Plate glass paint test

While we are waiting for the recut of this building, I thought I might try and figure out an effective way to do a plate glass effect onto the card These are the first tests, using a small rectangular template

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Cyborg mesa recut

The cyborg hill range is almost done Just needs one more test cut to test the fit of the outside pieces and to add on a little bit more detail.

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New quad cannon

  Our new quad cannon is in the store (you can jump right to it here: This kit has several improvements on the old one. By eliminating the MDF parts and standardizing some of the plastic components , we

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