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Posable Titan 6 – Almost done

Read part 5 here The main subcomponents for the posable warhound titan left were the hull and head I went for my own design of head And finally, everything was stuck together and glued in place All that is left

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Modular Notre Dame Ruin 1

We’re having an Apocalypse game at the beginning of December and I want one of the tables (each table is 4’x8′) to be dominated by a huge 2’x4′ ruin of Notre Dame cathedral. I only have a month and a

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Simple ruined gothic church

This is a look at using our DIY gothic window and door set to get some attractive scenery quickly and easily. We built this generic ruined gothic church in about 2 hours (not counting drying time) using 1 set of

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Posable Titan 5 – Posing tests

Read part 4 here So the whole point of this project is to be able to pose the titan in some really dynamic fashion before gluing it down for stability. Here are some poses I was messing around with “Dodging”

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Titan part 4

Read part 3 here The posable warhound titan scratchbuild continues The legs are basically done. I now need to start raiding the bitz box to bulk them up. This is the main hull – these cardboard pieces surround the MDF

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New Product: Na-To chassis

The Na-To was a late addition to the WW2 arsenal of the Empire Of Japan. It was intended as the carrier for the Type 5 anti-tank gun and was meant for the final defense of the home islands. The war

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Posable Titan Project 3

Read part 2 here A more substantial update this time on the scratch-built warhound titan project Both legs are now finished This is the torso – internal supports with the crossbeam to hold the arms. The weird holes in some

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DIY Scenery Gothic Windows

We already have a good range of DIY scenery in the shop but it is all very science fiction / Infinity biased. So I thought we would try some gothic stuff. These are the basic windows test The idea is

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Na-To recut complete

The Na-To, resized for 1/48 and with detailing added. The track system has been modifed to have idler wheels too. What a great model to put together… easy and fast to build and strong as heck. It had some tiny

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Posable Titan Project 2

Read part 1 here The scratch-built warhound titan project continues The second leg is under construction. I made some changes to the design of the foot for the second leg and as a result it has a far greater range

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